Acute Care Team

Acute Care means you need help right now. The Acute Care Team (ACT) has a number of ways to help you and your family when your need is urgent.

Comprehend Response and Information Center

  • The Response and Information Center offers confidential twenty-four hour a day, seven days a week telephone crisis service.
  • All calls are triaged to the appropriate level of care.
  • The Response and Information Center will also offer information and referral services for community resources for those who call in.
  • The Response and Information Center is responsible for dispatching Mobile Crisis Response.

Mobile Crisis Response

  • Comprehend provides onsite, mobile assessment to individuals twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.
  • Mobile Crisis Response identifies services and alternatives that will aid in crisis stabilization.
  • This service is provided in the community setting.

Emergency Preparedness

  • Each of Kentucky's Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) has a grant from the state to coordinate disaster emergency preparedness at the Community Mental Health Center level.
  • We have plans to help citizens cope with a disaster or emergency, and will continue to refine our disaster / emergency management and response plans, coordinating with the larger community.

Integrated Care (Grant)

  • Comprehend and Primary Plus have teamed together to develop integrated mental health and physical health care for residents of the Buffalo Trace Region.
  • Clients will be able to meet their needs for primary health care and behavioral health care in a single location.
  • In the next year - 2010-2011 - we will expand this program to place primary care providers into Comprehend behavioral health clinics in order to address the health disparities experienced by individuals with severe mental illness.

Psychiatric Inpatient Liaison Services

  • The Acute Care Team serves as a liaison to inpatient facilities when individuals from our region are hospitalized.
  • When an individual is discharged from inpatient treatment, our liaison services ensure ongoing communication and facilitation of after-care in an outpatient setting.

Community Prevention, Education and Training

  • The Acute Care Team staff provide training to community professionals on a variety of topics related to mental health care in our community.
  • Acute Care Team members also do presentations to community organizations on topics related to community mental health issues.
  • Call our Maysville office and talk to a member of the Acute Care Team to set up a presentation or training. (It's free.) See also "Speaker's Bureau".

Illness Recovery Management (Grant)

  • Comprehend has a planning grant for "Implementing Illness Management Recovery in Rural Kentucky"
  • Illness Management is designed to help individuals with serious mental illness collaborate with professionals, reduce their susceptibility to the [mental] illness, and cope effectively with their symptoms.

Child Crisis Stabilization Unit

  • Intensive behavioral treatment in a licensed, highly structured 24 hour-supervised, community-based residential program.
  • For children & adolescents who do not require intensive clinical treatment in an inpatient psychiatric setting and would benefit from a short-term structured stabilization setting.
  • Services to children and adolescents at this level of care include therapy, initial and ongoing assessment, case management, medication management and mobilization of family support and community resources. The ACT team oversees the Children's Crisis Stabilization Unit.
  • The average length of stay is four to six days.