•  Outpatient mental health care involves an initial evaluation by a therapist. We gather information to determine your needs. You will be asked questions about your behaviors and feelings, about your family and your current situation. You will also be asked about things that are causing stress for you right now and important past events that caused you stress.
  • Sometimes further evaluation is needed and you may be referred to one of our medical staff. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor whose primary function is to diagnose problems and prescribe the right medicine. You may also be asked to take some psychological tests to help us gather more information about you.
  • We use different methods to help people deal with their problems. Counseling is a tool often used to help people deal with their mental health issues. This involves not only talking about things, but also learning new ways to cope with stressful situations. Some people may benefit from participation in an adult day program called “Life Connections”. Sometimes children are referred to the IMPACT Program, which provides supplemental services to children and their families.
  • Your therapist may refer you for one or more types of treatment, and it is important to remember that making things better is sometimes not easy and usually requires you to do some hard work.