• Our entire staff operates as a team. We take great pride in each staff member’s training, capabilities and participation in providing service to you. We want you to have the same confidence that we do in our team.
  • You are asked to check in at the front desk for your appointment. 
    You will be asked to present your health insurance card at each visit, including Medicaid & Medicare.
  • All clients are expected to pay their “established fee” at the time of check in. If you have private insurance, please present your card and pay your co-pay when you check in for each appointment.
  • Your therapist may schedule a return appointment for you, but you should come to the front desk if you need an appointment with one of our medical staff or with anyone other than your regular therapist.
  • If you have had three appointments (or more) in a row without making a payment, your therapist will be notified. When you make your fourth appointment, you will be asked to pay your established fee amount for that session and half that amount toward your unpaid balance.This arrangement will continue until you are paid up and current.
  • These policies have been set up to benefit both you and Comprehend. You will be protected from building up a large amount you owe that would be difficult to pay, and Comprehend can continue to offer services at a reasonable cost to you and others. 

Please Print and Read:

ConfidentialityInfo.pdf ConfidentialityInfo.pdf
Size : 70.066 Kb
Type : pdf
HIPPAPrivacyInfo.pdf HIPPAPrivacyInfo.pdf
Size : 91.711 Kb
Type : pdf
RightsResponsibilities.pdf RightsResponsibilities.pdf
Size : 38.293 Kb
Type : pdf
GrievancePolicy.pdf GrievancePolicy.pdf
Size : 136.451 Kb
Type : pdf

Please Fill Out and Print: 

InsuranceInfo.pdf InsuranceInfo.pdf
Size : 55.753 Kb
Type : pdf
VoterRegistration.pdf VoterRegistration.pdf
Size : 44.449 Kb
Type : pdf
PhysicalHealthInfo.pdf PhysicalHealthInfo.pdf
Size : 120.484 Kb
Type : pdf
ParentGuardianInfo.pdf ParentGuardianInfo.pdf
Size : 117.46 Kb
Type : pdf

 *Please do not email forms to Comprehend, Inc. Fill them out, print them, and bring them with you to the office.